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Let's break the ice!

I'm Krystin

The heart & brains behind
Monsun Business Solutions.

Your NEW BIZ BESTIE and go-to Online Business Manager (OBM)

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More About me.

I founded Monsun Business Solutions with a simple yet powerful goal: to empower visionary entrepreneurs like you to amplify your impact. Through MBS, I've been the driving force behind multiple businesses scaling and serving by bridging the gap between their zone of excellence and the day-to-day operations.

As a seasoned OBM, I've been the catalyst for growth behind numerous 6- and 7-figure businesses. My secret? Bridging the gap between your zone of excellence and the day-to-day operations that keep your business thriving. By taking on strategic management tasks and optimizing your backend processes, I free you to focus on what you do best—bringing your revolutionary ideas to life and serving your clients with unparalleled dedication.

But I'm more than just an OBM; I'm a partner in your success. When you work with me, you gain a trusted ally who is deeply invested in your business's growth and prosperity. I bring my extensive expertise, a positive attitude, and a sprinkle of dad jokes to keep things fun and engaging.

Beyond #OBMlife and supporting amazing business owners, I'm a momster to two incredible monsters who keep me on my toes and remind me of the importance of work-life balance. I find joy in being outdoors and hanging with my loved ones. Cooking is my passion and I have a knack for dad jokes. (I have a ton of them... I keep them in my dad-a-base.)

Ready to free your visionary spirit from the shackles of backend operations, serve your audience wholeheartedly, and scale your business to new heights? I'm here to make that happen.

Let's join forces and create something remarkable together.

Click the link below to schedule a no-obligation discovery call !

Looking forward to connecting with you!

- Krystin -

In addition to my work as an Online Business Manager, I am thrilled to introduce "Awaken Your Glow," a powerful self-discovery journal designed to guide you on a transformative journey of personal growth and self-love. As the author of this journal, I've poured my passion for personal development into creating a tool that empowers individuals to reconnect with their inner selves and cultivate a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Invest in yourself and your personal growth by ordering your copy of "Awaken Your Glow" today. Click the link below to purchase the journal on Amazon and begin your transformative journey towards self-love and empowerment.

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