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Online Business Manager (OBM) Services

Process Optimization and Implementation:

  • Evaluation and Improvement: Assessing existing business processes to identify inefficiencies and implementing strategies for improvement.

  • System Automation: Introducing automation solutions to streamline routine tasks and enhance operational efficiency.

  • SOP Creation/Updates: Developing and updating Standard Operating Procedures to ensure consistency and clarity in processes.

Team Management and Communication:

  • Coordination: Overseeing and coordinating team activities to ensure effective collaboration and achievement of common goals.

  • Communication Enhancement: Implementing tools and practices to improve communication within the team and across the business.

Strategy Development and Implementation:

  • Collaborative Goal Setting: Collaborating with clients to set short-term and long-term business goals aligned with their vision.

  • Strategic Planning: Creating and executing strategies to drive business growth and success.

Problem-Solving and Decision Support:

  • Solution Implementation: Proactively addressing challenges that arise within the business and providing effective solutions.

  • Decision Guidance: Offering support and guidance in making informed and strategic decisions.

Marketing and Branding Support:

  • Marketing Strategies: Assisting in the development and enhancement of marketing strategies tailored to the client's business.

  • Branding Assistance: Providing support in shaping and promoting the client's brand effectively.

Virtual Assistant Services

Not sure you are ready for an OBM? Ask about our Virtual Assistant Services!

*minimum 3 month contract
OBM Services
Starting at $1200 per month
Starting at $400 per month
VA Services
*minimum 3 month contract

Ready to see how I can support you and your business?

If you’re a HELL YEAH, feeling hesitant, or somewhere in between, I’d love to hop on a no-obligation discovery call to demonstrate how these services and my expertise can work for you and your unique business. Click below to book a time that fits your schedule.

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